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Executive VIP Rehab Center

Executive VIP Rehab Center

Executive VIP Rehab at Passages Malibu

At Passages Malibu, we specifically cater to executives and C-level professionals. We understand the unique circumstances and needs of all of our VIP clients, and our goal is to ensure an effective, soothing, and completely confidential executive rehab.

An important concern for executives and other professionals is the need to maintain schedules and obligations around their business operations. For this reason, we allow our clients to have full access to cell phones, computers, and other tools to keep in touch with personal and business contacts. Our VIP treatment center accommodates those who need to remain engaged with the outside world while also ensuring complete security and discretion.

We also guarantee a non-demeaning environment where you will not be required to perform punitive tasks or declare yourself "powerless." Instead, we seek to empower you. Our therapists are experienced in working with executives who operate under extreme pressure and are adept at handling the unique set of challenges they often face.

As a top level executive, you have a huge impact on the lives of many, but sometimes you must provide for your own wellbeing first. A much needed retreat at Passages Malibu will undoubtedly have a lasting impression on your business, your health, and your happiness.

If you would like to receive the absolute best treatment available, take control and call Passages today to learn more about our Executive VIP treatment center (888) 920-8849.