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alcohol abuse resources

alcohol abuse resources

Alcohol Rehab Center - What Do People Most Commonly Ask?

We realize that there are many choices for drug and alcohol treatment centers and we want to help you find the right fit for you and your specific needs. Here are five questions to ask any alcohol treatment program director before you make this important decision.

Will Counselors Force Me To Attend AA Or Other 12 Step Meetings?

If the 12 Step program is not appealing, then definitely avoid a treatment center that emphasizes attending these types of meetings. Some people find that at centers like this, the treatment feels very outdated.

What Percentage Of This Program Is Group Meetings?

If a treatment facility allots approximately 30 percent or more time to group therapy, this may indicate that there is not a strong hands-on approach to recovery. The last thing many people want to do is sit in groups all day. This form of treatment is too ineffectual.

How Many Nurses Are On Staff And Do They Work 24 Hours A Day?

It is a serious drawback if a treatment facility does not have 24-hour nursing care. Detoxification can be dangerous, especially with alcohol because of the risk of seizure. It is important that the detox process proceeds correctly and with great care. Without nurses, this is hard to do.

Does The Treatment Staff Label Clients As "Addicts" Or "Alcoholics"?

Many rehabilitation centers do label clients as addicts and/or alcoholics. This is unhealthy. Calling someone an addict or alcoholic only reinforces addiction and does nothing to heal the underlying conditions that cause drugs and alcohol use.

What Causes Alcohol Or Drug Addiction?

There are four causes of dependency and when a treatment facility does not know those causes, the center probably relies heavily on the 12 Step method instead. It is likely that the clinic also believes in the disease concept and most likely will assign labels to clients. The four causes of dependency are available on our Philosophy page. There are many alcohol rehab centers out there. Some may sound like they offer superior treatment, but in person their treatment centers are much different than expected. Please feel free to call the experts at Passages at anytime for help with a treatment facility search or would like to consider checking into Passages.