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Marijuana Addiction RehabMarijuana Addiction Rehab

Marijuana Addiction Rehab

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana has been widely abused for decades. It is estimated that millions of Americans regularly abuse marijuana daily and, during the last few decades, marijuana addiction rates have increased substantially. Passages Malibu marijuana rehab center offers treatment programs for marijuana addiction that can help you quit using permanently.

At Passages, we provide a variety of customized marijuana treatment programs and marijuana detox. Our holistic marijuana treatment center is located in a serene, oceanfront setting with luxurious amenities and the finest level of care. It shows great courage to seek total healing from marijuana addiction. Call us now - it’s not too late to get your life back (888) 920-8849.

Symptoms & Dangers of Marijuana Addiction

There is a large misconception that smoking marijuana is not dangerous and not addictive. This is simply not true. Marijuana abuse results in a wide variety of physical and mental side effects, including depression, anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, and permanent brain damage. Studies also indicate that frequent users of marijuana are typically also users of alcohol and other illicit drugs.

If you have a problem with marijuana addiction and are unable to quit, Passages has the solution. Contact us right away to learn more about our marijuana detox, treatment methods, and rehab programs-qualified admissions counselors are standing by to take your call. Call us now at (888) 920-8849.