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Ativan Addiction RehabAtivan Addiction Rehab

Ativan Addiction Rehab

Ativan Addiction Treatment

The Passages approach for treating prescription drug addiction leads all prescription drug treatment programs. We offer advanced treatment for almost any prescription drug addiction, but one of our specialties is Ativan addiction. At Passages, our rehab programs address the underlying causes of anxiety and panic attacks that often lead to Ativan abuse. Our addiction treatment program not only treats Ativan dependency, but it also digs deep to uncover the root cause of anxiety, which can often be linked to a chemical imbalances in the body. Rather than prescribing you Ativan or other habit-forming medications, we will work towards correcting your chemical imbalance through a regimen of natural supplements recommended by our experts.

Symptoms & Dangers of Addiction to Ativan

Anxiety disorders are common among individuals with an Ativan dependency. Very often, a person with an anxiety disorder begins abusing drugs or alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate their unpleasant anxiety and stress symptoms. The most commonly abused substances by these individuals are alcohol and various Benzodiazepines, especially Ativan. For those with anxiety or panic disorders, prescription drugs like Ativan can provide temporary relief from the symptoms on a short-term or episodic basis. However, especially in comparison with other Benzodiazepines, Ativan carries a high potential for abuse and addiction. With continued or excessive use, Ativan can result in unfavorable side effects such as dizziness, muscular weakness, memory loss, or sexual dysfunction. In serious cases of Ativan addiction, side effects can even include severe depression, hostility, allergic reactions, respiratory difficulties, hallucinations, or suicidal thoughts. If you want to find a permanent treatment for Ativan addiction please call our admissions team at (888) 920-8849 now.