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Prescription Addiction Treatment Program

Prescription Addiction Treatment Program

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Program at Passages Malibu

At Passages Malibu, we heal prescription drug addiction with a customized treatment program designed to match your specific needs. When you walk though our doors, we ensure that you will feel safe, cared for, and most importantly, respected. We donĂ­t believe in degrading you, breaking you down, or making you do chores. This is the outdated approach to treatment, and we do not endorse it at Passages. Our method is unique and far more effective.

Upon your arrival, you will be assigned a ten-person team of therapists. This team will work with you in one-on-one sessions for the duration of your stay. We offer one-on-one sessions to give our clients a sense of comfort, security, and personal attention. Once the healing process begins, your therapists will work to find the source of your underlying problems and help you resolve them. Each week, your therapists will meet and review your treatment program, making changes as needed to reflect your individual progress. No two weeks are alike, resulting in a truly customized treatment program.

Our program is designed to first wean you off of your medications and then use individualized therapy to heal the issues causing your drug use. Some of the underlying issues that lead people to start using prescribed drugs are depression, ADD, anxiety, or insomnia. Underlying issues such as these can be alleviated with prescription drugs, but sometimes the drugs have unforeseen side effects. Rather than resort to drugs, we suggest trying to heal your underlying issues with our one-on-one treatment approach. Many alumni have stated that they felt much better without their prescription drugs and were happy to get off of them; all they needed was our treatment program to help them through the process.

Getting Off Of Addictive Medications at Passages Malibu

Our goal at Passages Malibu is to get you off of addictive medications, heal the underlying issues causing your dependency, and start you on our specialized supplement program. Please contact us today and let us explain our cutting-edge prescription drug rehabilitation program to you in detail and allow us the opportunity to address your specific needs. Pick up the phone and call now (888) 920-8849.