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life purpose counseling

life purpose counseling

Life Purpose Counseling at Passages Malibu

At Passages Malibu, you will be assigned a Life Purpose Counselor to help you rediscover you true self. Often times, we see individuals who have completely lost themselves in their addictions. Life purpose is one of our many addiction treatment methods that allows you to tap directly into you natural-born gifts and talents and begin feeling balanced and whole again.

Once you are able to identify behaviors and activities that are exciting, creative, and productive, you are also better equipped to identify destructive behaviors that would derail your progress in the future, keeping you on the road towards lasting sobriety.

Our goal at Passages is to get "you" back - the "you" that your family and friends know and love, free from addiction. Through Life Purpose, Spiritual Counseling, Meditation and more, we promise to bring you back - healthy, happy, and whole.

Finding Your Core Gift at Passages Malibu

It is highly beneficial for recovery and self-esteem to reconnect with talents, hobbies, and innate strengths. We give our clients the freedom to explore ways in which they can use their natural gifts and talents to benefit themselves, the community, and the world.

At Passages, we know that each and every person who walks through our doors is powerful, capable, and undeniably possesses a miraculous core gift; and we know that also includes you.

If you want to experience our amazing addiction treatment programs and finally get your life back, it’s not too late - call now (888) 920-8849.