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prescription medications drugs detox center

prescription medications drugs detox center

Prescription Medication Detox at Passages Malibu Rehab Center

At Passages Malibu, your prescription drug addiction treatment begins with a detox. Whether you are addicted to Ambien, Oxycontin, Ativan, Vicodin, Xanax, or any other prescribed medication, we can treat and heal your addiction and help you get your life back.

Prescription drug abuse results in extremely detrimental side effects and a rapidly increasing physical tolerance to these medications. Individuals abusing prescribed medications often need more and more drugs in order to achieve the same initial effects, making withdrawal increasingly difficult as the rate of abuse escalates.

If prescription drug detox is conducted improperly, there can be very serious consequences including anxiety, depression, muscle & bone pain, insomnia, nausea, intense cravings, and extreme overall discomfort. At Passages world-renowned addiction rehabilitation treatment center your detox from prescription medications will be completely supervised, comfortable, and administered by expert addiction professionals.

Getting Sober from Prescription Medications at Passages Malibu

At Passages Malibu, we specialize in treating all types of prescription drug addiction and provide a detox. We offer a variety of customized drug detox options and will create a specialized detox program depending on which prescription drugs you are abusing, your medical history, and your individual preferences.

Our prescription drug detox facility is perched above the Pacific Ocean and features the finest amenities and luxuries to ensure maximum comfort and security during your stay with us.

Are you ready to get your life back and end the cycle of prescription drug abuse? Call Passages Malibu now! (888) 920-8849.

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