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oxycontin detox

oxycontin detox

Oxycontin® Addiction Detox

Oxycontin®, like many other opiates, is a drug that absolutely requires a full detox in order to ensure a safe withdrawal process. At Passages Malibu, our detox programs for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and prescription drug addiction are all carefully monitored by our experienced staff. Oxycontin® withdrawal can result in several dangerous and unpleasant side effects if it is not conducted in a rehab center that provides a detox process.

There are many treatment centers that provide Oxycontin® detox, but at Passages our Oxycontin® experts are truly the leaders in the field of effective, efficient, and safe prescription drug detox.

We have nurses on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to ensure that you are well supervised, comfortable, and completely free of all traces of Oxycontin® and other drugs. When you arrive at Passages to begin your detox from Oxycontin®, you will be met with a treatment team of therapists who will help guide you through the detox process from beginning to end. Oxycontin® detox can’t wait-take the first step and call Passages now (888) 920-8849.