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Discover Your Cause of Addiction

There are only four causes of all addiction. It may seem as if there are hundreds — but there are only four. You have quit many times, only to relapse. What draws you inexorably back is the unresolved mental conditions produced by one or more of the four causes listed below.

A Chemical Imbalance

1. A Chemical Imbalance

Events of the past you have not reconciled

2. Events of the past you have not reconciled

Current conditions you can't cope with

3. Current conditions you can't cope with

Things you believe that aren't true

4. Things you believe that aren't true

Our therapists provided the most common examples gathered over twenty years from thousands of our clients. As you read the list of examples, check off the ones that apply to you.

Once sent to us, we'll tell you what we will do to help you put an end to your addiction. Because of the pain, the shame, the sadness and the hurt you experienced when it was still fresh in your mind, you have likely forgotten the incident or condition you experienced that is the primary cause of your addiction.

Not to worry; what we do best is to help you find and heal it. We'll get back to you promptly and tell you what we have done for the thousands of people who have come to us for help with conditions similar to yours.

We didn't prove what we do works — The thousands of people who trusted us enough to come to Passages for help have shown it.

We believe in you — totally. You're not an addict or an alcoholic. Those are labels unknowledgeable people have stuck on you. You're a wonderful person, a valuable person, a deserving person who is suffering from an unrecognized cause.

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