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acupressure and massage therapy

acupressure and massage therapy

Acupressure & Massage Therapy at Passages Malibu

Acupressure and massage therapy are essential components of our drug and alcohol treatment program at Passages Malibu. Massage therapy sessions not only provide our clients with a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation, but they also physiologically help facilitate total overall recovery.

If you have been abusing drugs or alcohol, chances are they have taken a serious toll on your physical and emotional health. By carefully and strategically working the proper parts of the body, our licensed and certified massage therapists can help reduce anxiety, relieve pain from migraine headaches, increase flexibility, strengthen the immune system, increase blood flow, exfoliate the skin, and help rid the body of toxins.

Healing Through Massage at Passages Malibu

At Passages Malibu, we believe in healing the mind, body, and spirit through a variety of addiction treatment methods. Massage therapy will leave you feeling more balanced and content, with reduced anxiety, and diminished physical detox symptoms. We offer many different methods of massage therapy because we find that everyone’s body responds differently to the practice. In addition to Swedish and deep tissue techniques, we also provide our clients with facial, Thai, and stretching massages. We also offer acupuncture, meditation, and yoga to enhance the healing effects of acupressure and massage therapy.

At Passages Malibu, our clients receive private sessions each week with a skilled massage therapist in order to ensure physical and emotional recovery.

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