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art therapy

Art Therapy at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu utilizes many different addiction treatment methods, including traditional modes of therapy such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and chemical dependency counseling. However, our comprehensive, holistic approach to addiction treatment includes innovative, cutting-edge, and non-conventional methods of healing, such as equine assisted therapy, spiritual counseling, yoga, meditation, and Art Therapy, among others.

Creative Outlets/Art Therapy and Addiction Treatment

Art therapy is used by some of our life purpose counselors as a way to help you further tap into and express your innermost feelings, emotions, desires, needs, hopes, and dreams. One of our life purpose counselors offering Art Therapy at Passages Malibu is Christopher Pearson who says, "Art therapy is important because a lot of times we don’t really know how to express our feelings verbally. Art therapy is a vehicle for us to express our feelings in a visual way, in a creative way, and in a way that sometimes can’t always be described through traditional talk therapy."

Art Therapy includes several artistic mediums, including drawing, painting, watercolors, and collages. The most popular Art Therapy tool used is the vision board, which is a collage of images, pictures, clippings, words, or other materials that represent your goals, hopes, and dreams in life.

"A vision board is a way to physically manifest what you want in life. By putting your dreams, goals, and passions onto the page, you can really see what your future might hold. If you believe it, you can achieve it. If you can see it, you have more of a chance of making it a reality," adds Pearson.

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