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Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy Treatment

Hypnotherapy Treatment at Passages Malibu

Hypnotherapy is just one of many diverse and holistic treatment methods we offer at Passages Malibu. It has been recognized as a safe and effective way to build self-esteem, help change addictive patterns, and heal childhood trauma and other underlying problems that cause addiction. While in an induced state of mental relaxation, you will be able to recall painful events or underlying traumas and may be more open to suggestion. These sessions are useful in helping you recognize events of the past that have not been reconciled and need healing. In the medical realm, hypnotherapy is often used for the reduction of chronic pain, to replace anesthesia, and to shorten recovery after medical procedures.

In your hypnotherapy sessions, your therapist will tap into any feelings of anger, fear, anxiety, sadness, or pain that you may have. This enables you to recall the first time you had these emotions and see where they are coming from. By going back to the source of these feelings, you will be able to recognize and express them with great clarity, thus releasing the pain. Hypnotherapy also helps you achieve a greater state of mental relaxation, allowing your mind to be more open to positive advice. After several hypnotherapy sessions you will most likely experience less tension, more refreshing sleep, and improved memory. Your Hypnotherapist will work with you to produce better mental responses, reduce cravings, improve self-control, and increase self-esteem.

As your hypnotherapy sessions progress you will experience naturally enhanced productivity, dedication, and respect. At Passages Malibu, you will receive hour-long, one-on-one sessions with your hypnotherapist at least 8 times during your stay.

Treating Addiction with Hypnotherapy

At Passages Malibu, we firmly believe that drug addiction is completely treatable using individualized therapeutic methods. Hypnotherapy is used effectively as part of our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program by reinforcing positive behavioral changes sought by those seeking to break their addictions.

We utilize Hypnotherapy as one of our many cutting-edge addiction treatment methods, in addition to Psychotherapy, Chemical Dependency Counseling, and other holistic treatment approaches.

Once your detox is over, you will begin engaging in one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions and start learning tools for preventing relapse and ensuring longer-term success. If you would like to learn about any of our other treatment methods or our world-renowned addiction treatment philosophy, call us now (888) 920-8849.