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spiritual counseling

spiritual counseling

Spiritual Counseling at Passages Malibu

Spiritual counseling is a special part of our holistic addiction treatment program at Passages Malibu. While most 12-step treatment facilities are heavily influenced by Christianity and organized religion, we like to give our clients the option to explore all types of faiths and spiritual beliefs if they choose to do so. Independent of religious affiliation or preferences—this work guides you to get in touch with your core essence and teaches you how to empower yourself to bring what you want and desire into your everyday life. Spiritual Counseling is one of our many unique addiction treatment methods that provides inspirational support by recognizing the purpose and values of the deeper being within each person.

Spiritual counseling is based on New Thought / Ancient Wisdom principles and the energy of unconditional love. Our Spiritual Counselors encourage each and every client to recover their ability to love themselves as they take their next steps towards greater wholeness, sobriety, health, creativity, and aliveness. Our goal is to hold you in an energetic field of unconditional love while you learn how to get what you want in life by utilizing powerful practices and transformational tools from our sessions.

Our Spiritual Therapy is independent of religious affiliation and all of our clients are provided with private sessions with a Spiritual Counselor for the duration of their stay. In addition to Sound Therapy, Art Therapy and Life Purpose Counseling, Spiritual Counseling is one of our cutting-edge approaches to ending addiction permanently.

Benefits of Spiritual Therapy at Passages Malibu

Spiritual Counseling can help assist each client in accessing their own inner resources rather than relying on substances.

Our Transformation Tool kit includes: breath work, perception-checking, seeing the loving essence, heart-centered listening, compassionate self-forgiveness, affirmations, mindful meditation, visualization, and positive-self talk.

Our 6 Keys to Wholeness are: Awareness, Acknowledgment, Acceptance, Allowance, Action, and Appreciation.

Benefits of Spiritual Counseling and what our clients can anticipate receiving spiritual counseling at Passages:

  • Greater access to their own intuition and inner wisdom
  • Wider perspectives on specific issues
  • Compassionate understanding of their negative behaviors
  • Clarity about how addiction is a pathway to grace
  • Energetic techniques for creating deeper connections & relationships
  • Effective ways to move up the emotional scale from fear to faith
  • Embodiment practices to enhance your ability to feel well-being

As you see, Spiritual therapy is yet another piece of our unique and unmatched addiction treatment approach at Passages Malibu that will allow you to become whole, happy, and healthy again.

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