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Tai Chi Therapy

Tai Chi Therapy

Tai Chi Therapy at Passages Malibu

Tai Chi (pronounced TIE-CHEE) is one of the ancient Chinese martial arts used for self-defense, exercise, and meditation. At Passages Malibu addiction treatment center, Tai Chi is practiced for its many health benefits and is one of our numerous holistic addiction treatment methods that we offer to help you overcome your addiction permanently.

Tai Chi (full name: T’ai chi ch’uan, which translates to Supreme Ultimate Force) is characterized by slow, gentle movements of your arms, legs, and body that aim to reduce stress and tension and increase a feeling of serenity. It is often described as “meditation in motion.”

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Tai Chi & Addiction Treatment at Passages Malibu

Tai Chi is used at Passages Malibu to treat drug and alcohol addiction because it offers you another method of getting in touch with your inner, true self – similar to yoga.

"Meditation helps people look at themselves and understand their motivations," explains John Eversen, a Tai Chi teacher and acupuncturist at Passages Malibu. "But, some people have trouble doing seated meditation. By doing a moving meditation, such as Tai Chi, the mind can focus on the moves, the techniques, and other details while gradually learning to meditate. As the meditation starts to work, personal insights come to light, self discipline improves and the need for self-destructive behavior reduces."

The end result produced by Tai Chi is a mental and physical calmness, generated in a completely natural way. Tai Chi also helps keep emotions more in balance, reducing the need to succumb to unhealthy coping techniques such as addiction. The ability to handle stress improves, as does the sense of feeling more centered and grounded to handle life’s challenges.

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